Energy Therapy

There is a subtle energy system within your human body.  This is your life force energy. It is the energy that carries your sense of connection to yourself, to others and to the world around you. This energy informs your physical body, your feelings, your thoughts, your experiences, dreams, hopes, fears, your connection to your True Self and beyond.  As your energetic body continuously reacts to your experiences, you store this information within your physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies – your whole self.  When the experience is not positive, an energy blockage can occur.

Energy therapy takes place when the energy that is blocked in a particular area of your body is unblocked and begins to flow more smoothly once again.  Often physical, emotional and/or mental pain can be lessened, quite simply because the energy block is alleviated. An energy session has you lying on a Reiki/Massage table, fully clothed with great care for your personal space and comfort.  Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®) are practices that can be given alone or in combination for a deeply relaxing experience that is truly uplifting.


*Reiki and/or IET® session: $150 90-120 Minutes

*Three Session Package: $385 (15% off)

*Gift Certificates are available

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