Asking for a Miracle

I am asking for a miracle, and I am asking for your help!  With recent events in our world it becomes more and more clear that we are at a critical point in our consciousness.  WE NEED A MIRACLE!  As I like to do, here is the actual meaning of the word “miracle” – “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.”   How do we come to a place of believing that a miracle can and will happen for us all? How can we bear witness to more love, more connection, more justice, more peace in our world?  By believing in miracles!  By believing that we ARE the miracle!  By believing that each and every human being can and will remember the miracle within him or herself!  The greatest miracle of all is LOVE!

Deepak Chopra writes ” The shadow self seems like the opposite of love.  Actually, it is the way to love.”  When we feel anger, fear, pain, worry, doubt, hurt, a wish to take action against someone -even in our thoughts, we are creating more of these shadow emotions.  When we are able to take a breath, and to ask for a miracle in this exact moment of feeling more love rather than more of any shadow emotion, we are creating a miracle.

How can we find the miracles, and there are countless, within ourselves?  By excavating more self-love!  Deepak Chopra also writes “Self-love grows when we refuse to give into the impulses of anger and fear, and trust that the Universe is on our side.” How can we see others moving into a miracle if we do not allow ourselves to move into our own miracles each and every day?  Peace begins within.  Love begins within.  The greatest journey any of us will ever take is the journey within to our True Selves, our souls, our higher selves, our child within…whatever name you choose.  If we wish for more peace in the world around us then we need, we must, find more peace within our own selves and this energy will create shifts both subtle and greater than we are capable of knowing while remaining in our physical bodies.

We can change the tide of the shadow energies that some human beings are creating NOT by responding with more shadow emotion and energy.  Darkness is NOT cast out by more darkness.  Darkness is ONLY dispelled through the creation of Light.  We give fuel to the fire of those who are deeply embedded in their shadow selves when our response is more shadow emotion.  This is it!  This is the moment of asking for the miracle to happen, believing that the miracle has already happened! We can ask our Higher Power, in whatever way is right for each of us, to create within us this miracle of not turning away from the Light.  If we are not able to personally offer love, then perhaps we can move to a place of asking our Higher Power to shed more Love and Light on those who are cast in darkness.  The miracle is happening.  I believe this with all of my heart!  We will not ever know what part each of us plays in the greater vibration of our world, but we can shift our attention to what we know is a greater purpose!  In this way, we are not at all condoning any shadow energy, we are asking for a miracle to lift up the energies to a much higher vibration, and thus changing the course of action.

So, today and all days, I offer you a miracle!  I ask you to help create more miracles! With so many miracles needed for each of us and for our human family, we must take positive steps toward asking for more Light and Love to be shared with all of us in our human family.  So, the next time you begin to feel a shadow emotion I ask you to consider replacing it, asking for the courage to replace it, with love and hope that this Light and Love will expand and grow to create a new higher consciousness for every human being.  I am very humbly grateful for the miracle of YOU!

Peace and Love,


Donna Sweeney is an Intuitive, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®) Master Instructor who channels the energy of Divine Love along with guided messages from the Angelic Realm. Reiki Master and IET® Master-Instructor in Yardley, Pennsylvania and the surrounding Bucks County area.

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