Intuition is our Birthright

People are generally familiar with our sense of intuition, sometimes called our “sixth” sense. YET do we trust our own intuition fully…even half way…at all?  We are constantly receiving information from the world around us, as well as our conscious energy within us.  This continuous interaction can lead us to a “gut” feeling, a knowing, a hunch, a great creative idea, to name a few ways that our intuition is working for us.

Intuition is a birthright for ALL human beings.  At this time on our Earth, we are challenged to nurture this amazing energy as we are so “plugged in” to our electronic devices, and this takes us further away from our clear, powerful and immensely strong sense of intuition.  Our intuition comes directly from our Spiritual selves, and our human selves can be all too easily disengaged from our Spiritual selves throughout our day, our week our year.  Mindfulness is not just about being present, it is about going more deeply into the ideal of letting go of the past, present and future and simply BEING here, right now, breathing in and breathing out.  This is when we are truly engaged with our spiritual natures.

The word intuition originates from Middle English and is given the meaning of spiritual insight or communication.  Our intuition gives us the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for logical reasoning.  How often we do this so effortlessly, and yet how often we question ourselves, doubt ourselves and turn the volume lower?  We simply sense things, sometimes, and when we allow ourselves to be in the flow of this knowing, this feeling, our intuition needs no further prompting!  Our intuition can be quite unique in how we receive messages and we must believe and have faith in our own unique process.

How to accomplish this?  There is really only one way that I believe is the key to unlock this door into the infinite possibilities of connection to our True Selves – our intuition and that is with TRUST.  Trust can be something that can be very hard won.  We are so often quite ready to trust others before we allow ourselves to find a deep and abiding trust in our own hearts and minds.  Trust can be the acceptance of a truth often without the need of evidence.  Do we accept that we are being guided by a Higher Power? Isn’t that what Spirit is asking us to do everyday in every way?

Can each of us take small steps towards accepting the truth that we are spiritual beings who have amazingly accurate intuitions that need no evidence for us to begin to more fully engage and allow ourselves to grow and learn from?  We are all here to become more enlightened spiritually.   Trusting our intuition, just a little, then a little more, until we make friends and accept our powerful natural ability to perceive will happen when we do not need further conscious reasoning or evidence.  We simply flow with spiritual insight and communication.  How good we feel when we accept our spiritual nature and allow ourselves to trust!  Truthfully, yes, it takes courage, but the rewards are so worth it!

I truly hope that you feel you are awakening spiritually, and therefore opening to a deeper sense of trusting yourself as you journey inward.  The journey can take courage, but trust me, the rewards are beyond your imaginings!  As Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Peace, Love and Trust IN you!



Donna Sweeney is an Intuitive, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®) Master Instructor who channels the energy of Divine Love along with guided messages from the Angelic Realm. Reiki Master and IET® Master-Instructor in Yardley, Pennsylvania and the surrounding Bucks County area.

janineIntuition is our Birthright

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